LA A/R - Data Entry: Invoice Entry

 Invoice Entry

Use this AR Data Entry panel routine to enter, edit, and print all AR transactions except Recurring Entries. You may print invoices as you enter them, or wait to print multiple invoices at one time. After printing, the invoices must be posted to update GL accounts and Customer records.

The routine opens displaying two grids:

Invoices Pending Printing

The upper grid shows invoices that have been entered, but not printed. They can still be edited before invoices are printed. All items initially have the check box marked in the Print column; if this check box is unmarked for any items, they will not print on the Print Pending AR Transactions list or be included when the Print/Commit Invoices procedure is run.

Invoices Printed/Committed

The bottom grid shows invoices that have been printed and committed (locked to prevent changes after printing), but not yet posted. All items initially have the check box marked in the Post column; if this check box is unmarked for any items, they will be voided when the posting procedure is run.

Command Bar

Delete image\delbatchicon.gif – This icon is active only when there are items in the Invoices Pending Printing grid. Invoices that have been Printed/Committed cannot be deleted.

Sort By image\sortbyentry.gif — Both grids initially display invoices in Entry Order. You can change to sequence the items in the grids by either Customer Order (alphabetical by Name) or ID Number Order.


New Invoice moves to the Invoice Entry Detail screen on which you can enter a new invoice. New invoices are added to the Invoices Pending Printing list.

Edit Invoice moves to the Invoice Entry Detail screen on which you can edit the item selected in the Invoices Pending Printing list.

To Delete a Pending Invoice, highlight it in the grid and select the Delete icon image\delbatchicon.gif on the command bar. You will be asked to verify that you want to proceed. Items that have been printed and committed cannot be deleted from the Invoices Printed/Committed list.

Print Pending List prints a report to check accuracy of the items in the Invoice Pending Printing list.

Print/Commit Invoices prints and "locks" all invoices in the Invoice Pending Printing list that have the Print check box marked. Committing ("locking") printed invoices ensures that your data matches the printed invoices. Printed invoices are moved to the Invoices Printed/Committed list. Invoices must be printed and committed before they can be posted.

The above process allows you to print invoices as they are entered or to wait until later when you can print selected invoices or all of them at once. Either way, you can then post all the printed invoices at one time, giving you a single posting report.

If an error is found after printing an invoice, post your printed invoices, and then use the Void Invoices routine to reverse that item. Then you can enter a new, correct invoice.

Check All/Uncheck All marks or unmarks all check boxes in the Print column of the Invoices Pending Printing list, for use by the two Printfunctions. Use your mouse to manually mark or unmark individual check boxes. (These buttons have no impact on the Post check boxes in the Invoices Printed/Committed grid.)

Post Invoices image\post_inv_bttn.gif — Select this button to Post Printed Invoices, updating GL accounts and customer records. See information below.

Close image\closex.gif — Select this icon on the routine's title bar to exit from the Invoice Entry window.

Accounts Receivable Invoices — Updating GL Accounts

If an invoice uses an AR Account that is set for Accrual, posting AR transactions will —

Debit  AR Account

Credit  Income Account(s) and Sales Tax Payable (if applicable)

When payments are posted (Record Payment routine) —

Debit Checking Account

Credit Accounts Receivable Account

If an invoice uses an AR Account that is set for Cash, GL accounts are only updated by posting payments.

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