LA A/R - Data Entry: Print Invoices

Print Invoices

Use this AR Data Entry panel routine to print or reprint invoices that have already been posted. For example, instead of printing invoices originally, you could choose to preview the invoices and then click Commit. After running the Post Invoices procedure, you can use this routine to select the same invoices just processed, and at the Output Destination screen, select the EMAIL via PDF option to send each customer a PDF of their invoice as an e-mail attachment. You may also use this routine to reprint invoices that were inadvertently not printed at the time the items were committed.


  1. Choose AR Account — Select the AR Account (as defined on the Preferences > Accounts Receivable screen) to which the invoice(s) link.

  2. Choose Range — Select your invoices by their Invoice Number range, or by the Invoice Date range. The following fields become active depending on your selection:

Invoice Range — Enter the Starting and Ending invoice numbers for the range of invoices you would like to print. To print a single invoice, enter the same invoice number as both the starting and ending number.

NOTE: These fields initially display the full range of both posted and committed invoices, but any items that are still in the Invoice Printed/Committed list in the Invoice Entry routine will not print. They must first be posted.

Date Range — Enter the Starting and Ending date for the range of invoices you would like to print. To print invoices for a single day, enter the same date as both the starting and ending date.

  • Customer — Mark this check box to select a specific customer for whom you want to print an invoice. The list box becomes active from which you can choose the desired customer.

  1. Select Next to move to the Output Destination screen. As noted above, this routine provides an E-MAIL via PDF option that creates a PDF file of the invoice for each selected customer and sends it as an email attachment. (This can also be done in the Statements routine.)

  2. Print — Select your Output Destination (Send to Printer, E-MAIL via PDF, etc.), verify that your Page Setup and Printer Setup are correct, and then click Print to print your invoice(s).

NOTE: To change your report specifications, select the Back button to return to the original page.

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