LA A/R - Data Entry: Recurring Invoices/Payments

Recurring Invoices/Payments

Use this AR Data Entry routine to make a one-time entry of billings that repeat or only change slightly on some scheduled basis. The opening screen presents a list of any recurring entries that have already been entered.

Recurring Entries will generate new invoices when the Select & Post Recurring button is selected. Only items with the Next Date set on or before the current date will be selected and then each Next Date entry will be incremented.

If Preferences > Banking is defined to use the Logos Epay Gateway Web Service option, this routine provides the option to define Recurring Payments that are linked to recurring invoices.

Recurring Invoices for specific customers can also be viewed, added, edited, or deleted on the Recurring tab of the customer's record.

NOTE: The Invoice Entry routine allows you to define installments for a single invoice when you want to apply the total amount of the obligation "up front" while allowing the customer to make payments over time.

Command Bar image\toolbar_ar_rec.gif

The icons on the command bar give you quick access to useful functions:

New image\newicon.gif — Select this icon to create a new entry.

Edit image\editbatchicon.gif — You can edit any of these entries by selecting a customer in the list, then clicking this Edit icon.

Delete image\delbatchicon.gif — Select this icon to remove the highlighted invoice from the list. A prompt will as you to verify the deletion.

Sort By image\sortbyentry.gif — You have three ways in which to sequence this list of Recurring invoices/Payments:

Next Date — Items display in order by the Next Date when they will be applied.

Customer Order — Items display in alphabetical order by Customer name, allowing you to easily see when a customer has two or more different Recurring items.

ID Number Order — Items display in numerical order by Customer ID number.

Category image\categoryicon.gif — This combo box allows you to select from a list of various kinds of recurring entries. When posting your Recurring Invoices/Payments, you have the option to only post items for a particular category. On this screen you can limit the items that display to the selected category. Items are added to this list on the Recurring Invoices Detail screen.


Print/Preview Recurring image\print_prev_rec.gif — Select this button to print a list of all the recurring entries.

Select & Post Recurring image\post_sel_rec.gif — Select this button to open the window in which you can choose to copy the qualified items to the AR Invoice Entry routine for verification and editing, if needed. Or you can choose to print and post invoices for these items as they are.

Close image\closex.gif — Select this icon to save your entries and close the window.

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