LA A/R - Data Entry: Record Payment

Record Payment

This AR Data Entry routine provides a quick method of entering revenue from one or a series of customers. Payments can be applied to invoices or you can enter Cash payments when no invoices have been issued. You can print and post the items directly from within this routine.

The routine opens to a Deposit Summary screen in which any unposted deposits are listed. If the grid is empty, no unposted deposits are defined.

Command Bar image\tool_ar_pay.gif

The icons on the command bar give quick access to selected editing features. These icons change on the second screen of the routine.

New image\newicon.gif — Select this icon to open the Batch Header window for a new deposit. You then move to the Payment Summary screen where you can choose to enter a New Payment or New Cash Receipt.

Edit image\editbatchicon.gif — This icon becomes active when any deposits display in the grid. To edit a deposit before posting, highlight it, and then select this icon to open the Payment Summary screen for this deposit, listing all payments that have been entered.

Modify Header image\modbatchhdricon.gif — This icon becomes active when any deposits display in the grid. To edit the Batch Header for a deposit, highlight it in the grid and select this icon. The Batch Header window opens in which to edit the Date Created or Reference.

Delete image\delbatchicon.gif — To delete a deposit from the grid, highlight it and select this icon. An alert will ask you to verify.


Print Preview Payments image\print_prev_pay_bttn.gif — This button opens a window in which to select one or more unposted deposit(s) for which to print all payment entries. Use this report to check the accuracy of your entries before you post.

Select & Post Payments image\post_sel_pay_bttn.gif — Select this button to open a window in which to select one or more deposits to post, permanently updating GL accounts and customer records with the payments entered.

Close image\closex.gif — Select this icon to close the Record Payment window.

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