LA A/R - Data Entry: Payment List

Payment List

The Print/Preview Payments button image\print_prev_pay_bttn.gif in the Record Payment routine prints a list for checking on the accuracy of your deposits before posting. You must post payment entries before they impact any General Ledger accounts and Customer records.


  1. Select which deposit or deposits you wish to include in the list. Check or uncheck your deposits to create your selection.

  2. Print Order – The list defaults to Entry Order, printing in items in the order they were entered. You can mark option buttons to change the sequence to either Customer Order (Name) or ID Number Order.

  3. Then click Next.

  4. The Output Destinations screen opens so that you can select the printing option you want. Click the Print button to send the data to the desired destination.

  5. Verify the accuracy of the payment entries. If the report shows information that you wish to change permanently, make changes through the Record Payment routine. When satisfied that the entries are correct, click the Select & Post Payments button.

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