LA A/R - Data Entry: Post Payments

Post Payments

Once you have verified the accuracy of your deposits by printing the Payment List, click the Select & Post Payments button image\post_sel_pay_bttn.gifwithin the Record Payment routine. Posting will update General Ledger accounts and Customer records. Should an error be discovered after posting, use the Void Payments routine to correct the problem.


The Post AR Payments window lists the deposit batches that have not been posted.

  1. Unmark the check box for any batches you do not want to post now. You may select Uncheck All and then mark the one(s) you wish to post now. Then click the Post image\post.gif button.

  2. The procedure launches a verification process then automatically begins posting if no errors are found. An alert will notify you when posting is complete. Select the OK button.

  3. The Output Destination screen will display, from which you then print a record of the payments that were posted.

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