LA A/R - Reports: Statements


Use this AR Reports panel routine to print statements that remind your customers of their balance due.


  1. Statement Date — Enter the date you wish to print on the statements.

Statement Selection

  1. Statement Type — Choose one of the options for the type of statement you wish to print. All customers that have a balance due and that have the selected Cycle defined will print.

NOTE: When you change the selection here, the Dates (below) will change accordingly. If you set the Dates and then change the Statement Type, you will need to redefine the dates.

  1. Cycle — Choose from the Statement Cycles that have been defined on the Personal tab in customer records.

  2. Dates — Your options here depend on your selection in the Statement Type field. Accept or enter in the date(s) of the invoices you wish to include in your statements.

  3. Check Boxes —

  • Select Customer — If selected, after clicking the Next button to move to the next screen, you’ll be presented with a list of customers who fit the Statement Type and Cycle criteria defined above. You may then unmark the check box in front of any selected customers who should not receive a statement.

  • Reminder Notes — If selected, after clicking the Next button, you will see a screen on which to enter four different comments that you want to print on statements based on four aging periods.

  • Print Credit Balance Statements Only – Mark this check box to print only statements with a credit balance (e.g., an overpayment).

  • Print Only Statements with Balances – Mark this check box to print only statements with some type of balance, excluding records that may have activity, but the current balance is $0.00.

  • Print Contacts on Statement – Mark this check box if you want Additional Contact names and Type to print.

  • Group by Invoice – Active with the Balance Brought Forward report, grouping all items for the same invoice together.

  1. Sort Option— Select the order in which you would like the statements to print: Name, ID Number, or Zip Code.

  2. Select Next to move to the Output Destinations screen. If you marked the Select Customer and/or Reminder Notes check box, you will first see a screen in which to make those entries.

The Output Destination screen for this routine provides an E-MAIL via PDF option that creates a PDF file of the statement for each selected customer and sends it as an email attachment. (Multiple PDF files can also be sent via e-mail in the Print Invoices routine from the AR Data Entry panel.)

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