LA A/R - Reports: Deposit List

Deposit List

This AR Reports panel routine allows you to print a list of deposits with the total amount deposited within a date range.


  1. Choose Bank Account — Select the Checking Account for which the report is to print.

  2. Choose Range — Select the method for choosing which deposits to print.:

  • Deposit Number lets you choose by the deposit slip number.

Starting and Ending No.: Enter the range of Deposit Slip numbers you wish to print. To print a single deposit slip, enter that number in both fields.

  • Deposit Date lets you choose by the deposit slip date.

Starting and Ending: Enter the range of Deposit Slip dates you wish to print. To print a single day’s deposits, enter that date in both fields.

  1. Print By — Select the report option you want to print.

  • Detail – The default option is to print a breakdown of each customer’s payments with the range defined above.

  • ID Order – With this option selected, records will print in order by Customer ID Number.

  • Name Order – Select this option to print records in order by Customer Name.

  • Summary — Select this option to omit customer detail, printing only the total of each deposit.

  1. Select Next to proceed to the Output Destinations screen.

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