LA A/R - Reports: Additional Contacts List

Additional Contacts List

This AR Reports panel routine prints a list of names (with e-mail and two phone numbers) entered as Additional Contacts in customer records. If a school enters students as Additional Contacts (defining the parents as the Main Contact), this report prints a list of students.


1. Selection Options — This report gives two options for selecting those that print.

  • Select By Type — Check this box to activate the By Type fields below. (NOTE: If the Contact Type field has been retitled (e.g., "Grade") in Preferences > Field Text > Field Titles, that user-defined title displays here.)

  • Use Search Criteria — Check this box to enter a query on the next screen.

2. By Type — When active, you have these options for selecting by Additional Contacts Type (or "Grade").

  • All — Accept this option to select all Type (Grade) entries.

  • By Type — Select this option to activate the field in which to select one just Type (Grade) to print.

  • By Range – Select this option to activate two fields in to select a starting and ending Type (Grade) to print.

3. Report Options — You may mark either of these check boxes —

  • Include Contact Information — Check this box to add Cell and Fax numbers plus the Reference field.

  • Include Individual/Organization Contact Information —.Check this box to also print the mailing address and any other contact information for the Main Contact..

  • Page Break when Type (Grade) changes — When All is selected, you can mark this check box to print a separate page for each Type (Grade).

4. Sort Option – Select the option button for the data field you wish to use in sequencing the records that print:

  • Customer ID – The number automatically assigned each family/organization.

  • Name – The Individual/Organization name entry

  • Zip Code – Active for all options, but Address information only prints if the Include Individual/Organization Contact Information check box is marked.

  • User ID – This field does not print, but can be used to Sort. It can be added to the report with User Reports' Edit function. (The field name is fmanual_id.) If linked to Logos II, this field on the Personal tab contains the Logos II Family ID number.)

If the Select by Type/Grade check box is marked, and the All option is accepted, records will be sequenced first by Type (Grade), and then by the Sort Option selected.

5. Select Next to proceed to the Output Destination screen.

6. Print — Select your destination and click the Print button.

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