LA A/R - Data Entry: Post Recurring Entries

Post Recurring Entries

The Post AR Recurring Entries window opens when the Select & Post Recurring image\post_sel_rec.gif button is selected in the Recurring Invoices/Payments routine. Posting is required in order to print invoices and update customer records and GL accounts. Transactions post only if the Next Date for the transaction is on or before the Next Date defined in this routine.

Run this procedure as often as needed based on the Cycle and Next Date settings defined for the invoices. Thus, if all your entries are set to a Monthly cycle and they all have the same Next Date, post just once each month. If you have items with dates spread through the month and/or any items with Weekly cycles, post every week.

Before you post recurring entries, print or preview the Recurring Entries List from the initial Recurring Invoices/Payments screen to verify their accuracy.

Selection Options

  • Copy to AR Transactions Entry – Invoices — Accept this option if you need to edit one or more items before they are posted. This option creates new Invoice entries for all the appropriate items and you can open Invoice Entry to edit those that need to be modified.

  • Run Invoices for Recurring Entries — Select this option when you want to print the invoices and post them at the end of the routine.

If Recurring Payments have been defined, you must select this Run Invoices for Recurring Entries option. The routine will verify that the Preferences > Banking screen is correctly defined to use the Logos E-Pay Gateway option and will then access the Internet to process any scheduled payments. The routine will save all reports in order to then print Invoices, Posted Invoices Report, Payment Verify Report and any failed Payments. The Finish button is enabled after each of these reports is previewed or printed.

  • By Category — Mark this check box if you want to only copy or post items defined for a specific category of Recurring Entries

Category — When the By Category check box is marked, select the desired category from this list.

Next Date — The current program date appears here. You can change it if you want to process items in advance of their actual Next Date.

Post image\post.gif — Select this button to launch a scan of all the selected items. When that process is completed, if you chose to Run Invoices, you will be prompted through printing and posting the invoices.

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