LA A/R - Reports: Billing Codes Master List

Billing Codes Master List

This AR Reports panel routine prints a list of Billing Codes with YTD statistics. Several format options are available.

Format Options

You can mark either or both check boxes:

  • By Selected Billing Code — Mark this check box so that the next screen will let you select the Billing Items to include.

  • By Summary — Mark this check box to print a 1-line listing for each selected code, showing Billing Code, Sub Code, Description, Reference, Serial #, and Sale Amount.

  • Show Inactive Billing Codes – Mark this check box to include codes that have been deactivated by unmarking the Active check box in the Define Billing Codes routine.

Sort Option

  • Billing Code — Accept this option to print the list in order by Billing Code.

  • Description — Select this option to print the list in order by text in the Description field of each billing code.

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