LA A/R - Data Entry: Void Payments

Void Payments

This AR Data Entry routine voids one or more payment entries that contained errors or the checks were returned. Voiding creates offsetting entries to reset customer records and creates new entries to GL accounts that shows the payment as a negative amount to the checking account. Therefore, Bank Reconciliation's original deposit will be intact, but a new "–" deposit will appear for the amount of the reversal.


1. Customer — Select the Customer for the payment(s) you want to void.

2. Void on — Enter the date to apply to the voiding transaction(s).

3. Return Check Fee — Mark this check box if you assess a fee to the customer for a returned check. when marked the next two fields become active:

Billing Code: Select the Billing Code to use in applying the fee.

Amount: Enter the amount of the fee to be charged. (You can enter a negative number, if needed.)

4. Next — Advance to a screen showing payments for the selected customer.

5. Select — Unmark items that are not to be voided. You may use the Uncheck All button to unmark all items, and then manually mark the item(s) to void.

6. Post — Click on the Post button to void the payments, or Back to change the selected customer.

7. Click Print to print out a list of your voided payments.

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