LA A/R - Data Entry: Re-Apply Posted Payments

Re-Apply Posted Payments

This AR Data Entry panel routine allows you to modify how a payment (or over payment) was applied, either to the invoice and/or to the customer. You cannot change the date or amount of the payment. If you need to modify or reverse a payment amount, use the Record Payment routine to create a new correcting entry.

Payments List

The grid displays all payments that have been recorded in the current fiscal year. It lists the Customer ID and Name, and the Payment Date, Amount, and Document Number (Check or Credit Card).

Filter — You can increase or decrease the number of items in the list by changing the Starting and/or Ending Date in the lower left hand corner, by making a selection in the Customer ID field, and/or by entering a Document #. Then click on the Refresh button. The Auto Adjust and Select functions then only look at the selected items.

Auto Adjust

This feature scans the payments list for any Over Payment amounts and seeks to apply them to outstanding items for the same customers. When you select the button, an alert asks: "Do you want to Auto Adjust existing Over Payments?" Select Yes to launch the scan; No to close the alert without scanning.

When the routine applies an Over Payment to an outstanding item, if this requires assigning the money to different GL accounts, a new GL Individual Transactions batch will be created. The Reference for these transactions includes the Customer ID and the Payment number (Document ID).

Select ─ View/Edit a Payment

Select an item in the grid to highlight it, and then click the Select button. A screen opens showing detail of the selected payment.

Finish — Select this button to close the window when you have completed your adjustments.

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