LA A/R - Reports: Invoice List

Invoice List

This AR Reports panel routine provides a list of Invoices that have been printed and posted. Several options are provided.

Choose AR Account

AR Account — Select the desired AR Account from the list.

  • By Summary — Mark this check box to print invoice totals only, without Billing Code details.

  • Select Sales Rep (Sponsor) — If you want t the report to print invoices only for a specific sales representative (or sponsor), mark this check box to activate the list from which to choose a name.

  • Select Customer   Check this box to open a list of customers on the next screen.

    • Use Search Criteria  Check this box to open the Logos Search Criteria window on the next screen. This check box becomes active when the Select Customer box is checked.

Choose Invoices By…

  • By Invoice Number — Accept this option to select invoices by Invoice Number.

Starting/Ending Number: You see the full range or Invoice Numbers that have been used. You can edit either number to narrow the range to include.

  • By Transaction Date — Accept this option to select invoices by Date.

Starting/Ending Date: You see the current month as the range. You can edit either date to modify the range to include.

Next — Select Next to move to the Output Destinations screen.

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