LA A/R - Reports: Customer Master List

Customer Master List

This AR Reports panel routine prints information on all or selected customers. Inactive customer records will print unless you mark the Select Customercheck box and either select specific customers from the list or enter a Search Criteria.

Select Customers By…

  • By Customer — This option gives you two ways to indicate the customers to include:

  • Select Customer — Mark this check box to activate the Use Search Criteria check box or so the next screen will let you Select Customers to print, with an option to include Inactive customers.

  • Use Search Criteria — Mark this check box to change the next screen from a list of customers to a Search Criteria screen in which you can indicate criteria for the customers that print.

  • By Customer Type — Select this option to have the report group customers by entries in the Type combo box (Personal tab in Customer records). The report will print a header with the Type and then list all appropriate customers under it, then repeat with the next Type.

Format Options

  • Print 1 Line Listing — Mark this check box to limit the information on each customer to a single line (ID, Name, Main Contact, City, State, Phone, E-mail). When this item is marked, the check boxes below are dimmed. You can still mark the Print History check box.

  • Print Multiple Contacts — Mark this check box to print all Contacts defined for the selected customers.

  • Print Billing Codes — Mark this check box to print each customer’s Billing Codes.

  • Print Notes — Mark this check box to print any notes entered for selected customers.

  • Print History — Mark this check box to print invoices within the date range defined below. Subtotals will print for each customer unless the Show Payment Entries check box below is also marked.

Starting/Ending Date: The History range defaults to the current month.

  • Show Payment Entries — Mark this check box to add payments to the History that prints.

Next — Select Next to move to Select Customers or Customer Types or to the Output Destinations screen.

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