PSDIO Admin - Family Merge: Merging Duplicate Families

The intention of this article is to help you understand how to use the merge families function in ConnectNow. This article will explain the different information you need to gather for the completion of a merge as well as some things you may run into during this process. 


The first step is going to gathering the family information you need as seen below: 




Identifying the duplicate families is the first step, the next step is going to be gathering their family DUID's and identifying which one is going to be the master family DUID. See below: 




After gathering the Family DUID's you will then need to go the merge family module under the Admin Tab and enter the family DUID's in as see below: 




Sometimes the duplicate family will only have the parents or some of the members of the family, which is okay, you will just select to merge those members into their master member records. However, sometimes you will see that there are more members showing in the merge screen than in the family details screen (see below). This should not cause alarm, it just means that the parish has chosen to delete that member, possibly because they are an adult child and don't live with their parents (like we see below): 





Once you have inserted the DUID's into the system, you will need to select which members to merge into which members: 




If you know there is another duplicate family, you can merge that second duplicate at the same time. Just enter the second duplicate family DUID in the 'Additional Duplicate Family DUID' field: 




You will again need to select which members you are merging together and select 'Submit to Queue': 




After this you should receive the following Message: 




After you click beyond this screen you can go to the Merge Queue to see the pending Merge, see images below: 




And that's it, these records will be merged overnight and you are all done!

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