Legacy Offering - Reports: 2 How to upload a signature image file for printing on statements

How to upload a signature image file for printing on statements


Go into Offering → Reports → Contributions or Pledges → Statements → Template
In order to progress to the Template Tab, you must select at least one fund first.

  1. In the Add a signature to your statements field, select (New Signature). See options.
  2. Select the  Browse... Button and find your signature file on your hard drive or portable media. See this article to learn how to create a signature file.
  3. Select the Signature image and click Open.
  4. To save the signature for future use, enter a Signature Label then...
  5. Save the Signature by clicking the Save Button.


Signature Options

In the Signature section, select one of the following options from the drop-down list:

  • New Signature: select this option if you have a signature image file on your computer that you want to upload. The software will insert the image at the end of the message accompanying your contribution statements. 

    You can upload up to five signature image files. The required dimensions for the file are 264 pixels by 48 pixels. Be sure that the image meets these requirements. The image will appear distorted if the dimensions are incorrect.

  • An existing signature: if you previously saved a signature image, it displays in the list. Select it to include with the statement.
  • None: select this option if you do not have a signature image to upload.



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