PSA L&P - Vendors: How to set up a special vendor type for 1099 vendors

 How to set up a special vendor type for 1099 vendors

It is helpful to have vendor types when filtering reports.

Although the Vendor screen has "1099 vendor", that field is used to either include or exclude vendors from generating a 1099. Checking the "Print 1099 for this vendor" is not used to filter reports.

Set up a Vendor Type "1099 Vendor" and assign that Type in the Vendor for the vendors you think will need a 1099. That way when you go to the Vendor Audit Report or 1099 forms, you will be able to narrow the list down using filters.

Step 1: To setup a vendor type go to Setup → Vendor Types

Step 2: Create a new Vendor Type and click Submit.

Step 3: You will have to go to Vendors and update your Vendor's "Vendor Type". Click Submit.

Once you have set up a Vendor Type you can filter reports by the vendor type (and get a list of just 1099 vendors).  Note: vendors can have only one "Type".




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