Legacy Offering - Reports: How to print contribution statements for non-givers

How to print contribution statements for non-givers

Fund Tab

Choose at least one fund if not all.

If you want to print statements for those who have not given at all (Show non-givers), select all funds (a two-step process described below). If you only select a few funds and have the option marked to show non-givers, you will get a list of families who have not given to only those selected funds.

To select all funds, first, mark the fund box in the header to the left of the word Description, and secondly, click the link to select all funds.


Filters Tab

These options work in combination with one another, so you will want to select them carefully.


If you enter a Minimum - Maximum Filter and then choose the option under Givers to Show filtered givers, the $0 Contributors and non-givers will be filtered out and will not get statements. 


If you want to produce a Statement for only non-givers, when you filter your Contribution Statements, you must mark the radio button for Show non-givers.

If this radio button is marked and no one is selected, you must address your other filter options as well as Fund Options. If you are narrowing these options down too much, you are not likely to get results to display.

  •  Show all returns all families, regardless of filters (Registered/active) and regardless of giving (both givers and non-givers)
  • Show filtered givers returns giving families that fit the filters (Registered/Active).
  • Show all except filtered givers returns giving families who do not fit the filters.
  • Show non-givers will return only those families with zero giving.

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