LII People - Can I send Text Messages?

How to send messages via Text.

Cell Text Message

The Cell Text Message field on the Personal/Member tab in Manage People is for sending brief text messages to people's cell phones. The field uses the e-mail address of the person's cell phone. The format is the Cell Phone Number plus the address defined by their cellular carrier. For example, in the USA, if the person's carrier is Verizon, the format is the 10-digit number followed by ( See below for a list of the carrier's addresses:

Verizon -

AT&T -

T-Moble -

Virgin Mobile -

Cingular -

Sprint -

Nextel -

Thus, to send text messages to cell phones, it is necessary to know the cell phone number, the carrier and the address the carrier uses for these messages.

This field can be selected in the Send Email routines on the People and Event Registration Utilities panels in order to send the same message to multiple records. You can also use the Export People Data routine on any module's Utilities panel, selecting the Specialized export options and then choosing Export E-mail addresses. This creates a file with the e-mail addresses of the selected persons. Highlight and copy the addresses in the textmsg column. Then paste them into the BCC field in the Email program (Outlook, Constant Contact, Emma, etc.) that you are using.

NOTE: Most carriers have a limit on the number of characters that can be sent.


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