PSFS Offering - Import: How to resolve common errors for contribution imports

How to resolve common errors for contribution imports

This topic lists the error messages you may encounter when importing contributions and provides solutions you can try to fix the problem.

Even when there are errors in an import, contributions without errors will be imported. If you have a small number of errors, you can post contributions to the batch with Detailed Posting. If you have a significant number of errors, you can delete all contributions from the batch and then delete the batch.

Common Import Errors

Export Report


Common Import Errors

If the system cannot import the file, it issues a message. The following table lists the common import errors and provides suggestions for resolving the problem.



Corrective Action

The file you are trying to import belongs to <organization name>. Please verify the file organization ID and retry.

Your import file needs to have your Organization ID in cell B1. You can find your Organization ID by selecting Administration: Organizations. At the top of your organization record there is a POL#. Make sure that number is in B1. Most online giving programs that include exports for ParishSOFT have a place for you to enter the POL#.

You do not have permissions to <number of funds> of the <total number of funds> funds.

This message has several causes. It usually indicates that the fund numbers in the import file do not match the Fund IDs of your funds. If the fund numbers of your imports match the FundIDs of your funds, you may need to set fund permissions.  

<number of funds> of the <total number of funds> are not enabled for import. Any data for <number of funds> will not be imported.

A fund must be enabled for import before you can import contributions to it. To enable a fund for import, see the steps in How to enable a fund for import. If you continue past this warning, contributions will only be imported into some funds.

The file exceeds maximum file size limit of 2 MB.

The maximum size of the import file is limited to 2 MB. To resolve this issue, reduce the number of records in the file. Then, retry the import.

You can create a smaller export file by specifying a shorter date range.

The file you are trying to import is of an incorrect file type. Please verify the file is correct and retry.

The system recognizes and imports .csv files only. If your file is in a different format, you can open the file in Excel or another spreadsheet program and use Save As to save in CSV format.

The file does not contain the standard export data.

If the file has no data or contains unrecognized elements, such as unreadable characters or columns, the system cannot process it. This issue can occur if the file was edited and the change is unreadable, or if changes took place during processing that caused the file to become corrupted. To resolve this issue, open the file and check to see if there are any odd characters or columns in it. Edit the file and then re-import it.



Export Report

After an import, the system generates an export report summarizing the problems encountered. To download the report, select the CSV or PDF link in The last import occurred on section. In some cases, even if it encounters a problem, the system will import the record. Consult the table below for corrective actions.



Corrective Action

Invalid or nonexistent fund ID

The fund ID associated with the contribution record does not exist in the ParishSOFT system. Open the file and correct the fund ID. Retry the import.

Invalid or nonexistent family envelope number

The family envelope number associated with the pledge or contribution record does not exist in the PS system. Open the file and correct the family envelope number. Retry the import.

Insufficient fund permissions

You do not have the appropriate permissions to the ParishSOFT fund into which you are trying to import contribution records. Contact your administrator to obtain the required permissions to the fund.

Ext Contribution ID exists. Duplicate record found.

The external contribution ID already exists in the ParishSOFT system. The system probably imported the duplicate record. You can either leave the duplicate record in your system (not recommended) or display the Contribution List page, locate the duplicate record, and delete it.

Missing required field

The contribution record is missing one or more required fields. Open the file and add the missing contribution data.


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