CNFS Offering - Batches: How to edit the information for a batch

How to edit the information for a batch

Note that after a batch is closed, it can no longer be edited.

To edit the information for a batch, you must permission to access the fund the batch is associated with. Additionally, you must have View plus Add/Edit access rights for Contributions assigned to your login credentials. Access rights are assigned in the Administration module. Access to this module is restricted to organization administrators only.

By default the system allows any user who has Add/Edit permissions for Contributions to edit a batch. If you want to restrict batch editing to the batch owner (the person who created the batch) only, contact ParishSOFT Technical Support for assistance.

  1. If you manage several organizations, select the desired organization from the Organization list.

  2. Click .

The Batch Management page is displayed.

You see only those batches associated with the funds you have access to.

  1. Use the column header filters to locate the batch you want to edit.

The batch list updates to show you the names of batches that match your search criteria.

  1. To the left of the batch you want to edit, click .

If you do not have Add/Edit access rights assigned to your login credentials, the Edit button  is disabled.

The details for the selected batch are displayed. For descriptions of the fields, see Batch Details.

Note that the information is displayed in read-only mode.

  1. Click  to switch to edit mode. Then, edit the details of the batch as necessary.

For descriptions of the fields, see Batch Details.

  1. Do one of the following:

Before saving, make sure that you supply a reason for any changes you made.

  • Click  to save changes.

  • Click  to exit without saving changes.

You return to the batch details window.


Pay close attention to the names on the buttons. If you want to close the window, click the Close button. If you accidentally close the batch, you cannot reopen it.

  1. To exit the window, click .

You return to the Batch Management page.


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