LA Payroll - Reset: Changes to employee record did not make a difference

The changes I made to my employee record in Manage Employees did not seem to take affect when I processed payroll

The following message displays in the lower, right corner of your screen when you update an employee record.

This is telling you that you must reset the employee record when you go into the Payroll Process. If you don't take this step before running your next payroll, the updated information will not be taken into account by the payroll process. Sometimes, if you make the changes days before you plan to process payroll, you may forget this step. 

How to reset an employee in the Process Payroll routine

As soon as you have completed making updates to all of the employee records that need it, even if you don't plan to run payroll yet, we recommend you take this next step while it is on your mind. 

Select the Process payroll Icon. Select the Next button.

At the second screen, select the Reset All button. This will populate the Payroll Process with the updated information from the Employee Records.

If you are doing this days before you plan to run payroll, you are done. If you are planning to run payroll immediately, you may do so now as usual.


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