PSFS Offering - Batches: How to view the details of a batch

How to view the details of a batch

You can view details for batches of all statuses, but you must have permission to access the fund for which you are viewing the batch. Additionally, you must, at a minimum, View access rights for Contributions assigned to your login credentials.

Access rights are assigned in the Administration module. Access to this module is restricted to organization administrators only.

  1. If you manage several organizations, select the desired organization from the Organization list.

  2. Click Batches. The Batch Management page is displayed:

You see only those batches associated with the funds you are granted access to.

  1. Use the column header filters to locate the type batch you want to view. For example, to filter the grid to show closed batches only, select Closed from the Status drop-down list.

  1. To the left of the batch you want to view, click the edit record icon . The details for the batch are displayed. For example:

If you need to edit the details for the batch, see How to edit a batch.

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