PSG Forms (Old) - Kiosk: How to create a Giving Kiosk Form

How to create a Giving Kiosk Form

  1. Ensure your Kiosk App is set up.
  2. To set up a Form for the Kiosk, log into your Giving Admin site
    A. Go to Forms (Old) → All
    B. Click + New Form
    C. Fill out the form
    • Make sure Enabled is selected for the Show on Kiosk(s) option.
    • Note that if the iPad is not in the kiosk app, there will be no Show on Kiosk(s) option. 
    • When Finished click the Update button.
  3.  Go back to the main forms page
    and select your new form.
  4. Notice the new section to the right in your form.  Click on Click Here to Manage Questions/Comments in order to add fields to your form.
  5. To add a new field on your form click the +Add Question button.
  6. When you click on the Add Question button, you will be given options for what type of field you would like to add, and what the question or field will say or do.
    The available fields are as follows:
    • Text - Write In
      Use this option when you need short text input up to 100 characters.
      Ex: Name, City, Child's Name
    • Long Text - Write In
      Use this option when you need long text input up to 3000 characters.
      Ex: Salvation Story, Prayer Request, Short Bio, Additional Comments
    • Yes/No
      Use this option if the user can answer with a simple yes or no answer.
      Ex: Are you married? Are you interested in volunteering?
    • Multiple Choice Drop Down
      Use this option if you need to add a set of custom answers, or to add options with unique price points.
      Ex: How many will attend? 1 ($5), 2 ($10), 3 ($15).
    • Comment - No Input
      Use this option to make a comment that does not require a response.
      Ex: The following 2 questions pertain to your children. If you do not have children, skip this section.
    • Dollar Amount
      Use this option if you would like the user to input a dollar amount.
  7. Select the type of field you would like using the Question/Answer Type drop-down.

    Enter the question or choices for the question in the Question/Comment field.
    You'll also be able to choose whether or not to make the question/answer Required on the form by clicking the checkbox labeled "Required" at the top of the window.
  8. Once you've finished entering your question/answer field, you can click Add at the bottom to submit your changes to the form.
  9. You will now have the new field listed on the form.  To change the order in which the field displays, simply edit the number in the order box to the left of the field under the Order column.  Then Save Sort Order before you navigate away from the page.

    You can edit or delete any fields you've added to the form, except for the email address field, which is required for the form submission on the kiosk to work.  The email required field makes sure that an email receipt is sent to the email address entered in that field.


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