Facility Scheduler - Mass Intentions: Define and Use

How to define and use Mass Intentions in Facility Scheduler

The following article shows how to set up Facility Scheduler and how to add Mass Intentions. You will also learn how to print a report of Mass Intentions. The setup part need be done only one time. Adding the Mass Intentions must be done each time a new one comes in.


To set up Facility Scheduler for Mass Intention entry, you must  define a Mass Group and define a Mass Event record  for each Mass. These steps only need to be taken once.

After Set Up is completed, you may  enter the Mass Intentions information for specific masses. Finally, you will learn how to Print a Bulletin/Newsletter Report.

Logos Scheduler Roadmap: the screen below the dark ribbon which says Facility Scheduler is considered the Roadmap.


 Step One: Define a Mass Group 

This set up step will allow you to later print reports just for Mass Intensions, excluding all other events. This step only needs to be done one time.

  1. Select Groups roadmap.
  2. Select the New icon on the command bar. This clears the fields on the Data Entry tab.
  3. Enter a Description (such as Mass) and Leader for this group.
  4. Select the Save icon and then the Close icon on the window's title bar.


Step 2: Option 1 - Define a Mass Event (if not done previously)

We suggest creating a separate event for each weekend Mass, and a single "Weekday Mass" event, assuming that each day's mass occurs at the same time. After creating the original events, you will then define them as Recurring Events to copy them as far ahead as needed. You only need to do this step one time for each scheduled time of the weekend Mass and one time for each scheduled time of the weekday Mass.

  1. Select Event Planning from the Events panel on the desktop roadmap.
  2. Choose the date of the first Mass that you want to schedule.
  3. Select the Event magnifying glass icon to open the Event view. Click the New icon on the command bar.
  4. Define the Event Times and any other settings for this event on this or other tabs.
  5. Select the Groups tab
    • (A) Mark the Put in Bulletin/Newsletter Report check box.
    • (B) In the Bulletin Comment field, type "Mass Intention:".
    • (C) In the Groups list, mark the check box in front of the "Mass" group.
  6. Select the Events menu and select the Recurrences drop-down menu and choose Set Recurring. 
    • Mark the Days/Weeks when this mass recurs, then enter an End Date (a year or two into the future) and select OK.

Repeat steps 2-8 for each additional mass.

Step 2: Option 2 - Edit Existing Mass Events

If you are new to Facility Scheduler and setting up Scheduler for the first time, follow Option 1. If you have been using Facility Scheduler for some time and already have recurring Masses scheduled for the days and times that are used for Mass Intentions, you may follow this option to edit existing Mass Events.

  1. Find the current occurrence of a mass that has been scheduled.
  2. Go to the Groups tab and mark the Put in Bulletin/Newsletter Report check box and in the Bulletin Comment field enter the text, "mass Intention."  (see #5 A-B under option 1)
  3. Mark the "Mass" check box in the Groups list. (see #5 C under option 1)
  4. Save all occurrences from the present through the End by date. 

Repeat for each additional mass.


Enter Specific Mass Intentions

Once the mass recurrences have been defined, whenever someone wants to schedule a Mass Intention, take the following steps. After you have set up the recurring masses above, only this part of the instructions will need to be done again, each time a Mass Intention is submitted.

  1. In the Calendar View of the Event Planning routine, choose the date desired.
  2. Click the Event magnifying glass icon to switch to the Event view.
  3. Select the Groups tab, and in the Bulletin Comment field, fill in the information for that Mass Intention including the additional information in the Bulletin Comment and marking Mass under Groups.
  4. When you Save your changes, you will get prompted with several options. Choose to only save for this occurrence and click OK.

Repeat each time a new Mass Intention is to be scheduled.


Print Bulletin/Newsletter Report

This report can print or export a list of masses within a date range, showing the Mass Intentions entered in the Bulletin Commens field as explained above.

  1. On the Reports panel, click Schedules/Calendars and select Bulletin/Newsletter.
  2. Accept or edit the date range defined. The default is the current week, but the report can be run for any date range.
  3. Select Next and mark the check box in front of Omit Days with No Events.
  4. Select Next again and mark the check box in front of the desired Group (Mass).
  5. Select Next again and select the Print button.



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