PSG Reports - Canned Reports: ChMS Sync Errors Report Correcting Failed Sync Errors

When Integration is setup and fund mapping has been entered for an Organization, there are sometimes errors that keep certain transactions from being imported into ConnectNow Family Suite.

You can view these errors in the ChMS Sync Errors Report.  You can find this report under Reports> Canned Reports > Other > ChMS Sync Errors.


To Resolve Errors:

1.) Once in the Report, you can see what records have not Integrated into ParishSoft Family Suite by looking at what transactions are listed, and what error is listed with them (in this example it's a generic "Invalid Token" error).  To see a full list of known errors, see List of ChMS Sync Errors.


2.) When you find a Transaction listed in this report you have 3 choices.  You can "Retry All" in the top-left corner, or got to the "Action" button at the end of the transaction and hit either "Mark as Good" or "Try Again".


"Retry All" Will Retry all the Transactions in the Report.


"Try Again" will retry that transaction who's item line you are on.

"Mark As Good" will clear the Transaction from the Report without trying it again.  To be clear, this will dismiss the error alert, and the transaction will not integrate because you are marking it as good, which means you're telling the system it isn't an error.  This option is sometimes useful if you've found that a transaction in the report has already integrated, and you want to clear it to avoid duplicates.

3.) Once you've selected one of the 3 options (in this example the "Retry All" option) and cleared either 1 or all of the transactions in the report, you will see a "There are no items to display" alert.


This means that there are no sync errors at this time.


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