Legacy Offering - Contribution List: How to create a family giving history report by year

How to create a family giving history report by year


To create a summary for any given number of years, you must create a pivot table in Excel (if you don't have Excel, modify instructions for Google Sheets). 

First, go to the Offering Module → Contribution List. Then select your Start Date and End Date. Click View Contributions to generate the results, then Export to CSVA to export the data to excel. 

In Excel, highlight your data and choose Pivot Table from the Insert tab

In the PivotTable Field List on the right put Posting Date under Column Labels, Names under Row Lables, and Amount under Values( it will appear as "Sum of Amount"):


To Group By Year

Right click on your first Date (this should be in cell B4) and choose Group. Deselect Month and choose year. Then click Ok. This will display the 3 year totals for the various funds. Alternatively you can do Quarters or Months. ​

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