Legacy Offering - Reports: How to fix a blank or incorrect family name on reports

How to fix a blank or incorrect family name on reports/contribution statements


When running End of Year reports (such as Contribution Statements; Tax Receipts; Contribution Summaries) the Family or Member name needs to be in the document.

When it's not, you end up with reports that look like this:


To fix this, go to the Family Directory module, find the family you wish to edit from the Family List and click on their name.

NOTE: If you are running several reports at a time, you may not know the name of the family so you will have to find them by other search criteria. In this case, the street address:

  1. Click the down arrow next to the Search bar
  2. Check the Address box
  3. Close
  4. Type the street address in the Search bar and click Enter on your keyboard
  5. The list of results will come up with the most likely match at the top


Now that you have their name, from Family Details:

  1. Click Edit Details at the bottom of the page:
  2.  Click Auto Fill to fill in the Formal Mailing Name field (adds the name to report)
  3. Click Save. 
  4. Go back to the Offering module and run your Contribution Report again.  It should now have the missing details filled in:


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