CMS - Contributions: Can I edit an Archive?

Can I edit an Archive?

Yes, an archive is simply a fully functioning CMS program that holds the data for a specific year.

It is exactly the same as your CMS program in every way except for the data it contains is specific to the year it was archived.

Open the Archive and then enter the missed batches as normal, use the date the contribution was given as the batch date so the statement detail will be correct.  You may need to enter multiple batches as each batch can only be for one specific date.

Post your batches and then you will be able to print the statement.

If you wish to update the "current" year's history you can do so by pulling up the person record in the "current" year and then going to the History Tab.

Type over the amount in the History tab for that year with the new amount from the archive based on the changes you made to that archive.


Never run End of Contribution year in an Archive as that will delete all of that year's data and you will lose it.




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