IMP PRJ General: Site Requirements for Onsite Training


Site Requirements for Onsite Training

The goal of this list is to help your organization verify that the sites you are selecting for your Onsite Training venues/environments allow for a successful ParishSOFT Onsite Training.


  • Adequate room for the number attending.
    • Seating adequate for number of attendees.
    • Adequate table space for laptop/desktop and space for note taking.
  • Podium & small table for presenter.
  • Security: Is the room/space secure enough to leave equipment out overnight for a 2-day training session?  

IT Requirements

  • Projector and Screen or Large Screen TV with HDMI or VGA Connection
    • HDMI or VGA cables that will reach from projector to desired location of presenter.
    • Screen size should be adequate for the number attending and the room size.
  • Broadband Internet Connection
    • Wireless or cabled internet for participants.
    • Wired internet connection for presenter is preferable.
      • Note DSL and U-Verse are not adequate.
        •  Download Speed - 15mps or greater
        • Upload Speed - 5mps or greater
          • Can be tested at
    • Verify firewalls do not block
  • Laptops/Desktop Computers
    • One per trainee (Up to 25 computers)
  • Browsers
    • Chrome, Edge, Internet Explore 9.0+r, Firefox or Safari
  • Microphone & Speakers if required (based on room size).
  • Power: At least 2 circuits if planning 25 laptops/desktops (circuits – meaning 2 circuit breakers – not necessarily outlets).
    • Extension cords/power strips to allow bringing power to the tables, or room configuration that allows tables near wall outlets to bring power via power strips.
  • Power cords long enough to reach projector and presenters laptop and power strips if needed.


  • Will Refreshments be available for participants or should they brown bag it?


Please address any questions or concerns directly to your Diocesan ParishSOFT Project Manager.


3767 Ranchero Drive, Suite 100 | Ann Arbor, MI 48108 | Toll Free 866.930.4774 | Fax 734.205.1011

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