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Export/Import Online Giving into Diocesan Development Manager

The following are instructions for exporting data from Online Giving (OLG) and importing into the Diocesan Development Manager (DDM).  There are typically two files, Pledge and Contributions, which will be exported from OLG and then imported into DDM.

Login to OLG

  • From your web browser open your Diocesan Online Giving application.
  • Enter your User ID and Password.


Enter and Verify Family DUIDs for New Givers

  • Under the Manage My Church page select Givers to check for new givers that need their Family DUID entered into the Env #
    • They will appear at top, with the Env # field blank and/or the Ver checkbox unchecked.
    • Fill in the Env # field with the Family DUID for each new donor and check the Ver checkbox indicating you have verified this number.
    • Click the Save button at the bottom right when finished.
  • If NO NEW GIVERS are found, click Manage My Church and select HOME

Generate Reconciliation Reports

  • From the Manage My Church page, click on Reports select the Reconciliation Report
    • Select the Appropriate Fund
    • Set the Start and End Dates to the prior date.
      • Note: If today is Monday, you will need set to Friday’s date and run the report; then repeat for Saturday and again for Sunday, resulting in potentially three sets of reports.
    • If processing other funds, run the Reconciliation Report for those funds too.


Export Pledges and Contributions

  • From the Manage My Church page, click on Export Contributions
    • Select Export Options.
      • You may access the Enter and Verify Family DUIDs routine from this page if you have not already done so.
      • Select all or some funds to be imported. Note: All funds must previously be marked for import in fund set up.
      • Select Date Range
      • Select Pledges and Contributions
      • Select Only export contributions/pledges not yet exported. (recommended, you do not want to export a transition twice)
      • Select Include Quick Gifts if you accept them
    • Click Begin Export Button

When the export is complete you will have two export documents to choose from:

  • Pledges
    • Click on link to download Pledges
    • Save on your computer with a unique name.
      • e. Date+OLG_Pledges
  • Contributions,
    • Click on line to download Contributions.
    • Save on your computer with a unique name.
      • e. Date+OLG_Contributions


Import into Diocesan Development Manager (DDM)

  • To import Pledges and Contributions
    • Log into Desktop DDM,
    • From your main DDM screen, click Electronic Banking menu and select Electronic Banking.
    • (1) Verify the Organization, (2) set Banking Type to Online Giving Pledges or Online Giving Contributions. ALWAYS DO PLEDGES FIRST
    • (3) Click RECV



  • Browse to find your saved exported file, select the file and click Open to start the import.
  • A popup screen notifies you that your file has been imported and the system has appended “processed” to the file name. Click OK.


  •  Once you have imported a file, you can now view the records posted and check for errors.  Click View Report Files.
  • In the Quick List window that opens, the most recent import file will be listed at the top of the screen. Select the import file you wish to view and click Accept.
  • A print preview report containing the details of the selected import will open for your review.
  • Once you have evaluated your imported records and fixed any errors, close the batch and print your Batch Detail report.
  • Repeat import process for Contribution file.


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