CNFS - Family Directory: Parent's Names don't show on Sacramental Certificate

The Parent's Names for a sacramental certificate are pulled from a child's Member Details under the "General Tab" where it shows a section for "Father Name" and "Mother Name".

Any newly made family with a child in the "Son" or "Daughter" role in the family will have their parent's names automatically pulled from any Adult who is listed as "Husband" or "Wife" in the Family.  This will fill in the fields of "Father Name" and "Mother Name" in a child's Member Details under their General tab.


If a Family record is older, it will not have the ability to autofill these fields, and the names will need to be manually added.

1.) To do this, go to the child's Member Details and hit "Edit Details".


2.) Hit the person icon beside the field to search for and add a person.


3.) Search by last name and Status.


4.) Click the circle next to the record you would like to select.

5.) Hit Accept.

6.) If you made a mistake and need to remove one of the selected adults, hit the person icon with the red X to the right of the affected field.  If everything is correct, hit "Save".


The Parent's names will now show correctly on the Sacramental Certificate.




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