PSFS Family Directory - Sacraments: How to ensure the parents' names show on a Sacramental Certificate

How to ensure the parents' names show on a Sacramental Certificate

The Parent's Names for a sacramental certificate as well as for the student registration form are pulled from a child's Member Details under the "General Tab" where it shows a section for "Father Name" and "Mother Name."

There are times when parents' names do not appear on the sacrament certificate in the Sacraments module or on the student registration form in the Religious Education module due to the sequence of events in creating the records. You will be able to correct this error by taking the following steps: 

1. Open the Member Details for the Student.

2. Click on the General tab

3. Click on Edit Details.

4. If the parents have both a head silhouette with a green plus sign AND one with a red minus, the parent is correctly linked.   If there is only a silhouette with a green plus, the parent is NOT  linked.  Click on the Head silhouette with the green plus sign next to Father or Mother name. 


5. In the pop-up menu, type in the name of the parent and select their Member record by clicking in the radio button next to their name. Then click Accept.


6. Repeat for second parent, if applicable.

7. Click on Save & Close.

8. The names will now populate on the Student Registration Form as well as the Sacramental Certificate.



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