CNFS Family Directory - Sacraments Group Entry: How to Add Multiple Sacrament Records at the Same Time

How to Add Multiple Sacrament Records at the Same Time

If you have a lot of sacrament records to add and those records have information in common, you can add the records as a group instead of one at a time. This topic shows you how.

  1. Click .

  2. From the dropdown menu, select the Group Sacrament Entry option to display the Group Sacrament Entry page.

  3. Before adding a group of sacrament records, you must search your database to find the members for whom you want to add records. To perform a search, enter your search criteria by completing the following:

  1. In Step 1: Member Search, select the sacrament type from the Sacrament filter list.

  2. Enter or select your search criteria in one or more of the search fields.

To speed data entry, press the Tab key to advance the cursor to the next field.

If certain search fields are not available (dimmed) for data entry, either you do not have the appropriate Religious Education permissions tied to your login credentials or your organization is not licensed to use the Religious Education module.

The Age field accepts non-negative, non-decimal numbers and is limited to two numbers only.

  1. Click .

The page updates to show Step 2. The names of members matching your search criteria are displayed in the Member Records grid (see next illustration).

  1. In Step 2, select the records you want to work with. In the Member Records grid, do one of the following:

This button appears to the left of each record: . Clicking the button expands a member’s record to show key information about a member. You can use this information to distinguish between members who have the same name so that you can be sure you are working with the right record.

If desired, use the column header filters to further refine your search results. For example, type a name in the Last Name field to quickly filter the list to find members with the same last name.

  • Select individual records. To do this, click the Add button to the left of each member’s name: .

  • Select all records. To do this, click the Add button next to the Last Name column in the grid’s header: .

The system adds the selected names to the Selected Members grid in the right panel, as shown below:

If you want to remove a member's name from the Selected Members grid, click . The system moves the member back to the Member Records grid.

  1. You are now ready to add sacrament records for all selected members.

The fields into which you can enter sacrament data in all of the selected members' records are displayed in Step 3: Enter Sacrament Information:

Note the small checkbox to the left of each field. By default, all data fields are disabled (the associated checkboxes are not selected). You must enable (select) the checkbox to activate the field so that you can enter data into it. 

  1. To enter sacrament data, complete the following for each field into which you want to enter data:

You must enter data into at least one of the fields.

  1. Select the checkbox to the left of the desired field.

The associated data field to the right of the checkbox is now activated so that you can now enter data. For example:

  1. Type or select the data you want to enter.

Every selected field will be updated with the data you enter.

If you are entering a sacrament location, select the Place checkbox and then click . The Organization Search window opens to enable you to search for and then enter the exact location.

  1. Click .

The system creates a sacrament record for each selected member and saves it to the database. All added records contain the same information you specified in the data entry fields.  

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