LA AP - Reports: How to print vendor labels

How to print vendor labels

This AP Reports prints either mailing labels or file folder labels for selected vendors. You must first run Label Setup (File menu) to define the label stock on which you are printing.


You may change from the default format (Selected Labels) to print File Folder Labels by clicking on the desired option button. Selected Labels prints Name and Address in Zip Code order, while File Folder labels prints only the vendor name (Cathy's Catering or Johnson,Todd depending on how entered) in Name order.

Mailing Options

If you want to print a Postal Codes Breakdown after printing labels, mark that option button.

Next - Select the Next button to proceed to the next screen.

Format/Label Options

If printing Selected Labels, you see a window in which you may select options for your mailing labels.  Please select the format option you wish to use.

Select the Next button to proceed to the Output Destination window. Select Print to send the labels to the selected destination.

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