CMS Remote Solutions - How to copy exported files to your local computer.

How to copy exported files to your local computer.

  1. In CMS select your report and select Screen under Print to (should be the default) and click Print.
  2. Once the report is on screen use the Export icon to start the export process.
  3. Make your selections and save the file to your H or I drive.

Now for the step to move it to your local drive.

1. In Remote Solutions click on the Windows Start button in the lower left of your screen

2. From the pop up click on Computer

3.Click on the drive you backed up to (H or I)

4. Locate your backup file and single click on it so it is highlighted.

5. In the upper left click on the word Organize.

6. From the drop down list click on Copy.

The file will now be on your clipboard.

Either minimize or close out of Remote Solutions.

You will now be back on your local computer or MAC.

Locate the drive you wish to place the file on and Paste for PCs this can be done using a right click and choosing Paste or a CTRL + V for a MAC it is usually done with command + v


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