PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to mark an existing family record as registered with your parish

How to mark an existing family record as registered with your parish

If a family needs to be marked as registered (either for the first time after they were added as "Unregistered" or to correct an instance where another parish pulled it by accident) update it through the Family Record.

1.) Search the Family List and select the family you wish to register.


2.) Open the record and click button_editdetails.png.


3.) Click the box for "Registration Status" and you will be alerted to the fact that you are about to change the Parish of Registration for the selected Family.  Select 2018-02-16_14-17-42.jpg


4.) You will be asked if you want to keep the existing registration date.  If the family was unregistered in error, then say "Yes".  If the Family was unregistered on purpose, then you may want to select "No" and select a newer registration date.


5.) Click "Save" or "Save and Close" to save your changes.


6.) The Family will now show as registered to your Parish.


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  • This was of no help to me. this does not show me how to register a new parishioner.

  • Thanks for the comment Estella. I have added a link to the bottom of the article that takes you to our help file which shows you how to add a new family and register them.

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