PSG Reports - Canned Reports: How to identify errors in a ChMS Sync Errors Canned Report

How to identify errors in a ChMS Sync Errors Canned Report

The ChMS Sync Errors Report shows transactions that have processed successfully into ParishSOFT Giving, but have not successfully Synced or Integrated over to ParishSOFT Family Suite Offering.

  1. To get the report go to: "Reports" tab, then the "Canned Reports", and finally "ChMS Sync Errors".
  2. The following are common error messages:
    • No Member Record returned from ParishSOFT API - The family could not be located in the ParishSOFT Family Suite. Verify that the Family number (F_DUID), envelope number and email address in ParishSOFT Giving match those in ParishSOFT Family Suite.
    • Corrected Record - The transaction did not automatically display in the giver's record and our Giving Team has added the record to the Family's Giving History in PS Giving.
    • Invalid Token - The Synchronization process is temporarily off.  The system does not try again.  You must manually sync by clicking on Action → Try Again. You can try to sync the transactions again in a few hours.
    • Invalid Fund ID () - When the fund for a transaction cannot be identified, either due to sync error, or recent changes made to the fund.  If it is a scheduled gift, try updating it to the corrected fund and manually try to sync the record again.
    • One or more errors occurred - Multiple problems prevented this transaction from being pushed into the Family Suite.  If you believe their information is correct right now, then try it again.
  3. To send the transaction over to the ParishSOFT Family Suite again, click Action → Try Again.
  4. To Ignore/Dismiss the message (the transaction has been sent to PS Family Suite Offering either through manual entry or manual Import) click Action → Mark As Good.


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  • Thanks for a more complete list of error messages! I get the "Invalid Token" error frequently.

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