Legacy Offering - Reports: How to pull a report for total giving and separate pledge vs. non-pledge

How to pull a report for total giving and separate pledge vs. non-pledge

First go to the Offering Module and the Contribution List tab. Then select your date range. Click View Contributions to generate the results, then Export to CSV A to export the data to excel. 

In Excel highlight your data and choose Pivot Table from the Insert tab. 

In the PivotTable Field List on the right put Pledge ID under Column Labels, Fund under Row Lables, and Amount under Values.
If you only have two columns at this point, then you did not receive any pledge contributions during the time frame you exported contributions for. If you have more than two columns (sometimes many) then follow the rest of these instructions:

To get the columns to group by pledge and non-pledge:
1. click on the arrow next to Column Labels, select Value Filters > Greater Than and put in 1

Depending on the number of pledge records you have, your table will have many columns. Right click one of the pledge ID numbers and then select group:

Then enter in a very large number for "By" (making sure that it's greater than the largest of the two numbers in the boxes: 

Then the first column will be Non-pledges and the second column will be Pledges and the third column will be the Grand Total. You can change the headings of the two columns as well: 

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