CMS - People: Conversion Options before support ends

Conversion options from CMS People Products

All support contracts for CMS expire on 6/30/2018. After this date a fee may apply to an export of data and any calls for support on the product.

We offer two conversion choices:

  • ConnectNow Family Suite which is ideal for Catholic Churches.
  • Simple Church CRM which is ideal for non Catholic Churches.

For those Denominations that are not Catholic but have the same management structure can choose which product to go to. We recommend discussing the options with your Account Representative to find which works best for you.

You can discuss pricing on these conversions and support costs with your Account Representative.

If you decide to not convert to a ParishSoft product we do offer an export of data to a CSV file or to an Access Database file. Both of these are free if you still have a support contract with CMS.


If you choose to continue to use CMS products after June 30th 2018 and have to call for support the current cost is $225.00 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour.  This rate is subject to change.

Remote Solutions

If your data is hosted on Remote Solutions you will want to move that data to your local PC. Make sure the PC you move it to is not running Windows 10 as CMS doesn’t work on that Operating System (if you currently are able to run CMS on Windows 10 EXPECT a future update to disable it).

ParishSoft support staff can assist you with moving your CMS program and archives to your local machine or you can use the instructions below to do it yourself.

  • In Remote Solutions click on the Windows Start button in the lower left of your screen
  • From the pop up click on Computer

  • Click on the I: drive

Steps to repeat per Folder/Archive

  • Locate your CMS folders and single click on one of them so it is highlighted.
  • In the upper left click on the word Organize.

  • From the drop down list click on Copy.

The folder will now be on your clipboard.

Either minimize(if there are more to copy) or close out (if this is the last copy) of Remote Solutions.

You will now be back on your local computer.

Locate the drive you wish to place the folder on (we recommend the C: drive) and Paste. For PC’s this can be done using a right click and choosing Paste or a CTRL + V.

Repeat these steps starting at Steps to repeat per Folder/Archive until you have copied all of your Folders including the Archives.

You will need to run a workstation install on your local PC once. This will give you the runtime version of Paradox needed to run CMS and an Icon to start the program.

You can then create Archive shortcuts for each of your archives.

The following links will assist you with Downloading the CMS installer, running the Workstation install, backing up and restoring to/from Online and creating Archive icons.

Downloading the CMS Installer

Workstation installation instructions

How to create an Online Backup

How to do an Online Restore

How to create an Archive Icon 



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