CNFS Family Directory - Reports: Rules for Parish Statistics

The Parish Statistic report uses a set of rules to categorize families and members. This document describes the rules that Parish Statistics uses to group families and members:

1) Registered families have the "Registered" checkbox checked and are registered to your parish. Unregistered families are in your Family List but have an unchecked "Registered" checkbox.

2) A member will be identified as a child if they are under 18 and have one of the following family roles: Foster Son/Daughter, Grandchild, Grandson/Granddaughter, Son/Daughter, Step Son/Step Daughter, or Stepchild.

3) "Boys" include children with a gender of Male who also have a male or gender-neutral family role. "Girls" include children with a gender of Female who also have a female or gender-neutral family role.

4) A family that has one or more children will be in the "Families with Children" category.

5) A family is Single if they have one member who has a role of Head, Husband, or Wife.

6) A family is a couple if:

  • There are at least two members, one male and one female.
  • Both the male and female members have a family role of Head, Husband, or Wife.

7) A couple will be listed as Catholic if ALL members in the family, have the religion field set to Catholic (not Roman Catholic or any other variant). If any member of a family with a couple has a religion field not set to Catholic, the family will appear as an Interfaith Couple.




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