Legacy Offering - Reports: I can't generate a statement for a parishioner

I can't generate a statement for a parishioner

If you can't find the giver you're looking for when you're generating contribution statements, make sure this is how you're running statements: 

First, make sure all of the funds are selected:

  1. Select the checkbox next to Description.
  2. Click Select All when prompted:

 Secondly, make sure your filters aren't excluding them:

  1. Select Detailed under Report Format
  2. Select the proper dates
  3. Keep Maximum and Minimum blank and un-check the $0 contribution box (you made need to select "Show Filtered Givers" in the Givers field below this to edit these fields)
  4. Select Both, All Groups, All Groups, & All Groups under Membership
  5. Select "show all" under Givers (after you've set the minimum and maximum fields)
  6. Select Family for Contribution Source and make sure to check the checkbox for Include Member Contributions
  7. And if you have the option to select the checkbox under Electronic Statements, go ahead and check it (you might not have this option)


If they're still not showing, then please check and make sure that you posted to them properly (usually the posting date is the issue. If the posting date is wrong, here are instructions for how to correct them: 

If the contributions are in an open batch:  How to Bulk Edit a Group of Contributions

If they're in a closed batch: How to Edit Contributions in a Closed Batch / How do I Post a Correction Batch?


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  • This is not the correct information to generate a statement. Family Suite will not let me generate a statement using this procedure. What a piece of junk.

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