PSFS Administration - Manage Staff: How to configure email settings for Staff

How to configure email settings for staff

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Before setting up email for staff, you need to make sure that your server settings are set up. If you have staff sending email already, you are set up. If you're using ParishSOFT email for the first time, see the article Configure an SMTP (Email) Server before trying to set up staff email.

To configure email for a staff member:

  1. Select Administration: Manage Staff.
  2. Click on the staff member's name.
  3. Choose the Assignments tab.
  4. Click Edit Details.
    • Under Email Address, enter the staff member's email address (it may already be listed).
    • Leave all of the other fields below the Email Address blank.
    • Once you save this record, the software will send an email to this address with a password. You may want to let the staff know to look for it in their inbox or spam folder.

 Now the staff member should log in to enter their username and password. They should send an email; for instructions on sending email, see How Do I Send an Email Message?. They should see a place to enter their email username and password at the top of the email window. They can enter this information and click Save Credentials to save the information permanently.

If they have saved credentials in the past, they will see a window like this:

**IMPORTANT** Even if their email address is correct, they should click the link Click here to change, re-entering their username and password and then clicking Save Credentials. After this, their information will be correctly entered.


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