PSG Organization - Invoices: How the $10 Monthly Minimum works

How the $10 Monthly Minimum works

  • Customers on the $0 / Month plan have a minimum processing fee amount of $10 that can appear on their monthly invoices. 
  • The $0/Month plan has a $10 Security fee and a $10 monthly minimum for processing fees.


Price Plan: $0/Month

CC Rate / Type CC Item ACH Rate ACH Item Min
3.00% / Flat $0.30 0.75% $0.30 $10.00


This plan requires the church to pay a $10 per month fee for PCI security, plus to generate at least an additional $10/ month in transaction fees.

For example, if a church only processes enough transactions to be charged $3.50 in Processing Fees, then they will have the additional $6.50 added to their monthly invoice to make up the difference.

This means if you process enough donations to generate $10.00 or more in Processing Fees then you will not be billed $10.00 extra dollars on your Invoice for that Month.

This may look something like: 

Under Invoices

      Invoice Date





Invoice 2/1/2018


Paid on 2/2/2018

View Invoice

Invoice 1/1/2018


Paid on 1/2/2018

View Invoice

So, in the above example, in January, the church generated $1.50 in Processing fees for the month, so they were charged $8.50 to make up the difference.

In the above example in February, the church only generated $.50 in Processing fees for the month, so they were charged $9.50 to make up the difference.

You can see the total fees in your Billing Report (if Payment Brands is your Processor.  If not, you will have these reports emailed to you).

Under Reports → Canned Reports → Billing Report:

Batch ID Date Amount Account Type Transaction Type
17 2/25/2018 12:00:00 AM $0.50 CHECKING SubmerchantDebit
16 1/22/2018 12:00:00 AM $1.50 CHECKING SubmerchantDebit


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