PSG Reports - Auto-Donations: How to update Auto-Donations to include changes made to a fund

How to update Auto-Donations to include changes made to a fund

After changes are made to any aspect of a fund, the Auto-Donations for that fund will need to updated to include the newly added information.

To update the Fund information on an Auto-Donation or Scheduled Gift please do the following:

1.)  Go to the "Auto-Donations" report in your Control Panel. 



2.) Look for Auto-Donations that are tied to the fund you've made changes to.  Choose one and hit the "Action" button.


3.) From the drop-down menu choose the option for "Edit Fund/Amount".  This will bring up an edit window for the Auto-Donation.


4.)  When a change has been made to a fund that has broken the link between the Auto-Donation and the fund, you will see a message like this. 

5.) To resolve it, choose the correct fund for the donation from the "Fund Name" dropdown and hit "Save" to update the Auto-Donation.


6.) Once the Gift has been updated, you will see a confirmation like this.


Your scheduled gift for the updated fund will now process correctly.

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