PSA L&P - Process/Contribution Transfer (SC): How to import deposit transactions from Simple Church/Elexio

How to import deposit transactions from Simple Church/Elexio

As of 03/20/2018, a process is available which allows you to import deposit transactions from Simple Church Contribution transactions.

Go to Process → Contribution Transfer → Transfer From SimpleChurchCRM 

If you need instructions for exporting contribution files from Simple Church/Elexio, contact Simple Church Support. Click the following link to access the Simple Church Website contact form. Or, call the Simple Church Support Line at: 1-866-392-1744 Ext 1 (Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm Eastern)


How does the accounting program know which accounts to use for each Simple Church/Elexio Fund?

The first time you import a contributions file from Simple Church into ParishSOFT Accounting, you will need to map your charts of accounts to the Simple Church Funds so the two systems correlate. In such instances, a pop-up window is displayed that steps you through the mapping process. 

Note: Mapping is not required for subsequent imports unless you use an account in the import file that has not yet been used to import transactions.

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