LA GL - Historical Data: How to export your data to excel

How to export your data to excel

When you move from Logos Accounting to another program and want to keep historical records for reference, you may export your statements and Trial Balance for each year to a CSV file.

  1. To do so, set your active date to the last day of each year on which you want to report.
  2. Select each of the Statements that will give you the most information. Most likely the Balance Sheet, Income & Expense Statement, and Trial Balance Detail Statement.
  3. Make sure you select Period 13 (if you use it) or leave it at Period 12 if you do not. When printing the Trial Balance, make sure you select the detail report.
  4. If you record Payroll through Logos Accounting, you may also want to export the Employee Profile report (not excluding inactive employees) and the Payroll Summary report for your preferred data range.
  5. When you get to the Output Destination screen, select Export and select the type: Delimited with Comma (which is CSV). Then, click Print.
  6. If you're hosted, you will be prompted to save it in the Temp file of your M: (C) drive. You will find the report in C:\Temp. If you are not hosted, you may browse to wherever you want to save the file.


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