PSG Admin - Application: How to install the Giving Kiosk App

How to install the Giving Kiosk App

First, make sure these settings are true:

  • Bluetooth: Off (Settings → Bluetooth)
  • Volume: Full Volume (Settings → Sounds → Ringer And Alerts → All the way to the right)
  • Change Volume with Buttons: Enabled ( Settings → Sounds → Change with Buttons → Green)
  • Location Services: On (Settings → Privacy → Location Services → Green)
  • Microphone: Slider green (Settings → Privacy → Microphone)
  • Guided Access: Off (Settings → General → Accessibility → Guided Access → Off)
  • Wifi: On (Settings → Wifi → On → Choose Network and connect)
  • iOS Software up to Date: (Settings → General → Software Update)

If Re-installing, first go to the iPad Settings → General → Device Management → Kiosk Profile → Remove Management

To Install

  1. Open the Safari browser and go to the right profile depending on your iOS version number.

         If you are using iOS 11 and above click

         If you are using iOS 9.5 to 10.35 click
  2. Click install and follow the prompts to install the church kiosk app on your iPad.
  3. Once the kiosk app is installed click to open it and then select "Edit Kiosk Settings."
    The following settings can be seen by organization admins by logging into the main site and going to: Organization → Settings:
    • Kiosk Profile ID: (sometimes called Kiosk)
    • Kiosk Username: (sometimes called K User)
    • Kiosk Password:  (sometimes called K Pass)
  4. Select "Save Settings" and you can then select "Launch Kiosk."
  5. Once you launch the kiosk, close the app once more and launch again for your profile to be loaded.
  6. Run a test transaction
  7. Click "OK" when it asks to access the microphone.
  8. Turn the microphone volume all the way up using the up and down arrow keys on the side of the iPad.
  9. Cancel test transaction.

Your iPad is now ready to accept donations. 

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