PSG Donors - G3 | Donor Profile: How to delete a scheduled gift for a donor

How to delete a scheduled gift for a donor when using the G3 version of the software

  1. In your ParishSoft Giving Control Panel, go to "Donors."


  1. Search for the donor for whom you wish to remove the scheduled gift.


  1. Click the "Action" button and choose "View Transactions" to view the donor's profile.


  1. Click "Login As Donor." 


  1. Go to the donor's Scheduled Giving page.A  Then select the correct scheduleB . If there are multiple, they will show as "Schedule 1, Schedule 2" and so on. Select Delete Schedule.C 

    When you go back into the donor's profile on the Admin Site, you should notice the scheduled gift is now gone.  If the gift is still displayed, refresh the browser page to update the display for the changes.


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