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How to set up Fund Mappings in ParishSOFT Giving

To do this, first, you will need to configure your Integration login credentials. See the following article for instructions and then return here to complete your fund-mapping: How to integrate ParishSOFT giving with ParishSOFT Family Suite Offering

  1. Once you've entered the correct credentials you will be taken to the Fund Mapping page.


  1. You can have Multiple Funds in Giving go to a single fund in Family Suite, but not the other way around.  Select the Giving Fund you want from the drop-down.


  1. Choose the Family Suite Fund that you are going to Import your selected Giving Fund's Contributions into.


  1. While it is not required to have a default fund, you can choose Yes or No for the Default Fund option.

    A default fund is the one that any mismatched contributions will import into, and you should only ever have one default fund at a time.  If you have a default fund, all contributions will integrate. The ones that have funds with no mapping set up will simply integrate into the Default Fund in Family Suite.  This function allows Form-Only Funds to integrate if no fund mapping is present.

    We recommend you select No if you only want the funds with mapping to integrate.

    If you want all your funds to integrate, even those without fund-mapping, then choose Yes.


  1. Once you've made your selections click the button Add New Fund Mapping.



  1. Once you've successfully added a mapping, it should appear in a list above the Fund Mappings Section of the ChMS Integration page.


  1. Once you're finished, click "Enable ConnectNow Integration" (If available) and you're done.


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